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2020-04-28 16:15:00

No guy-line workover rig means cancel the outer guy-line in the design process of workover rig,only retain the inner guy-line to keep it stability,this new style workover rig is great reduce the requi
What is no guy-line workover rig

2020-04-03 11:11:00

love and hope spread faster than viruses
TS-SINOTAI sent the mask to all clients

2020-03-11 15:22:00

The flushing and dewaxing unit(also named dewax rig) is one of a oil filed service truck,it mainly consist of a triplex pump,a fluid tank and a combustor.the main functions of this unit are backflushi
What is  flushing and dewaxing unit

2020-03-09 22:32:00

To realize the operating principle of this unit.let me to introduce the way of the power transmission first,the power from the engine will be transferred to the transfer case via the transmission thro
How does  flushby unit work?

2020-03-03 16:52:00

Nowadays for the operators ,how to saving cost to make more benefits is their most concern. the “flushby” is become a new and advanced oil well service technology which require the fewer operating peo
The Flushby Unit: benefits and applications