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The Flushby Unit: benefits and applications



The Flushby Unit: benefits and applications

flushby unit

Nowadays for the operators ,how to saving cost to make more benefits is their most concern. the “flushby” is become a new and advanced oil well service technology which require the fewer operating people and shorter work process which can help operators to save cost.The flushby unit is just designed under this “flushby”technology,paly a important in the oil and gas production,it is more faster and lightly than the conventional workover rig,it can not only save the cost and operating time,but also reducing the people thus save the risk of the well North and South America,many operators always choose the flushby units at the first time to diagnosis so this article mainly to discuss the main benefit and applications for this unit and compare with the conventional workover rigs.

The applications of a flushby unit

Flushby units used in a shallow to medium depth oil well,as a single,and a highly integrate unit,it can be used to different aspects of the oil production,there are about three applications of the unit

The surface applications

The flushby units can be used in the surface equipment service, some of the surface equipment usually need regular maintence,the flushby units can be provided to lift or handle the tools and equipment that improve the work efficiency greatly.

◆change the polished rod

◆service and repair the surface equipment

◆surface pressure work

Downhole applications

Compare with the other applications,there is more problem happen in the downhole of the well.such as the paraffin precipitation in the wells,the flow of the reservoir fluids always happened which need this unit to kill the well.more broken downhole tools and pumps need to be the downhole applications of the flushby unit as fllows:

◆Sand washing and dewaxing

◆Fishing the rods

◆Trouble clearing the well,such as the broken tube and the equipment

◆Insert and change the pumps or the motor(for PCP and PPR)

◆Killing well(circulating the the fluids)  

◆Pulling and running the polished rods

◆Pressure test

Work with other units

As a highly integrated oil well service unit ,the flushy unit can instead more special vehicle to perform more tasks,moreover,it can also combine with the other units to make more benefit.

◆work with other unites or equipment as a “pressure unit”

◆work with the colied tubing unit to run and operate the continuous rod

◆work with the continuous rod injector

So the applications of the flushby unit is widely and it can solve many problems,the main applications is covers the surface equipment ,the downhole operating,and even combined with other service units,even so, in some areas the flushby still not total instead of the conventional workover rig,most of the load of the flushby is around 5000lbs,so it may cannot finishing high capacity work.

The benefits and advantages

As a new product under “flushby”technology,flushby untis demonstrated outstanding performance in some cases,the benefits and advantages of the flushby units are more reflated in the cost saving area.the comparison between the flushby and workover rig as follows:


Flushby unit

Workover rig

Operating worker

The flushby unit needs fewer worker to operate(2-4people),is about half of WO.

More workers request and more time to deployment.


The flushby unit is highly flexible and it is more faster and light than WO,no need to install guyline.It is easier to drive to the location,diagnosis and repair can be finished quickly.

By contrast,its not that flexible and the speed is lower than flushby unit,in addition,it is more complexity in deployment

risk probability

Fewer numbers of worker request mean the low risk

Always 60% higher than flushby unit

Hourly rate



Instert beam pump changing time

less 38% than WO

Polished rod changing time(BEAM)

Less 61%than WO

Polished rod changing time(PCP)

Less 61%than WO

Rod fishing

Less 30%than WO

Rig up/rig down

Less87% than WO

From this chart,it is clearly shows that the flushby unit can saving much time and operate cost in some application,by comparison with the workover rig,the flushby unit is the first choice in many times because how to save cost to make more profit is first concern of the operators,Whether it's deployment time or cost,the importance of the flushby units is become more higher than workover rig

Generally speaking,the flushby unit is they have the wonderful and excellent performance to service the well,it collected many functions from various service truck,it help the operator to save much time and cost to make more benefit and make their work more faster and easier.

flushby unit

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