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Product name

Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig

Product description

The truck-mounted drilling rigs TS-SINOTAI supplies conform to API standards. They have characteristic of strong mobility, saving mobilization cost and meeting the request of fast installation.

◆ Modularized, highly integrated, fast-moving, fast installation.

◆ A hammer and a special pin-pulling tool are enough for the rigging-down, thus the operation is safe and reliable.

◆ K-type vertical mast raised by hydraulic cylinder as a whole, two-stage telescoping,high load-bearing capacity.

◆ The parallelogram substructure, driller side base driller opposite side base and intermediate connecting part are respectively installed on a skid and transported independently multiple draw bar connection, low-position installation raised as a whole.

◆ Digital control technology, independent drive drawworks and rotary table, reliable operation.

◆ The combination of band brake, pneumatic disc brake and computer-controlled auto driller ensure high efficient operation.

◆ Standardized interface will make installation and movement of rig modules easy and convenient.