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Product name

Modularized Drilling Rig

Product description

◆ This kind of drilling rigs are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec Q1、4F、7k、8C、9A and RP500,GB3826.1、GB3836.2 ,SY5609 standards.

◆ These drilling rigs adopt an advanced AC-VFD-AC or AC-SCR-DC drive system and a non-step speed adjustments can be realized on the drawworks, rotary table and mud pump, which can obtain a good well-drilling performance with the following advantages : calm startup, high transmission efficiency and auto load distribution.

◆ One-to-one control is designed for the VFD system and one-to –two control is designed for the SCR system., The intellectual control of the driller over the drilling rigs can be realized by PLC system and the integrated design of touch screen parameters of gas, electricity, fluid and drilling instrumentation.

◆ K type mast and the swing-up/sling-shot substructure have a good stability and provide a large working space. The mast and the equipment on the drill floor can be assembled on the ground and raised integrally.

◆ The skid module structure can make the whole unit very compact and quick for movement, which can meet the requirements of the whole-unit-trucked transportation and of cluster-type-well drillings.

◆ The drawworks will be driven by a single-shaft gear with a non-step speed adjustment. The transmission is simple and reliable. The drawworks is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake and a motor-energy-consumption braking, and the braking torques can be controlled via the computer.

◆ An auto bit feeder is equipped individually to realize real-time monitoring to the dropping process and drilling process of the DP.

◆ Safety and inspection measures are strengthened under the guidance of the design concept of “Humanism Above All” to meet the requirements of HSE.