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About the Flushby Unit



About the Flushby Unit

What is a flushby unit?

The Flushby unit we also called Rapid service rig(RSR) ,is a oil field special equipment integrated with sand flushing, well washing and workover functions( multifunctions rapaid workover rigs). It mainly consist of special chassis, triplex plunger pump, a small derrick and hoist assembly,a fluid tank, and the BOP systems,all the units are mounted in the one truck. In addition, It can compatible with vertical wellhead and easy to combine with other equipments.

This unit mainly used in the following areas:

-pump changes and high pressure pumping

-well flushing

-well abandonment

- rod changes

Why is the flushby unit is necessary?

Firstly ,as mentioned above,the flushby unit is smaller and faster than a traditional workover rig ,so the highly mobility of the unit we cannot ignore it,this unit can instead of the traditional workover rig to the complex terrain. It can also instead the function of the sand washing truck, the pressure truck,even the rod makes a good performance of the light well repairing. Secondly,the ability of the quick fault determination,when the wells goes offline, we need this unit to take quick diagnostic,like the tubing holes ,the condition of the pumps and rods,if this unit find the problem,we can start the wokover operations immediately.the last is higher cost performance,when this unit finished all the operations,all times of the rig-in and rig-off is more reduce than the traditional rigs,time means money,we can reduce much operating costs.

The Features or advantages of flushby unit

The flushby unit is smaller and faster than a usual workover rig ,and it can make to quick diagnosis of fault cause,then we can start workover operations quickly,as for the rigged-up time,the flushby unit can greatly improved the efficiency of the work ,for instance,the flushby can rigged-up less than 30 minutes but the workover rig usually take 4-5 hours;on the other hand,because of the highly mobility,the flushby unit is easy to adapt to different geographical conditions such as the desert of the Oman,the snow ground of the Russia,the other feature also include as:  

-all in one multifunctions that provide superior convince to operate

-high cost performace  

-easy maintenance