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what is a workover rig



what is a workover rig

What is a workover rig?

As for the workover rig,we also called completion rigs or pulling units and is a important which can provide the basic power in the workover operation. When the oil well get in trouble ,we always use the workover rig to place the tools to fishing the falling or well casing inspection in the well which make sure the well can keep normal production.
The standard workover rig coems fitted with:
Hoist system: include mast,draworks,crown block,
Power system:proveid the power for the equipment,the engine we usually use CAT brand 
Drive system:compound box,angel gear box.......
Rotating system:provide power to drive the down-hole tools rotation ,include rotary table,swivel,downhole tools,drill bits.......
Control system:include air system,hydraulic system,control lighting.....
Sbustructure system :include drill floor, boat shape base......

How does the workover rig work?

-Rotary drilling
-Hoisting and suspension

What's the difference between the drilling rig and workover rig?

Generally speaking ,there is the same principle in the drilling and workover rig ,but we can still find the difference of them.Firstly ,we can distinguish by for the oil drilling rig ,the main function of this rig is drilling,oil drilling rig is mainly used for the oil and gas exploration and development.for the workover rig,the main function is retrieve the sucjer rod string,pump or production tubing form the well or run wireline and the repair equipment into the oil well.Secondly,the drilling depth is different,form the distinguish we know that the drilling depth of the oil drilling rig is much higher than workover rigs’,in the workover operation,in some cases,the oil drilling rig always instead of the workover rig used in the superdeep well.