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As a local company in northern China, TS-sinotai has surprised many with its export business in different countries and regions, from the original imitation of oilfield workover machines to the independent development of multi-functional oilfield workover rigs."The survival of TS-sinotai health depends on the technical advantages of products and good service". When talking about the unique competitive advantages of TS-sinotai in the international market, general manager herish guo said frankly: "the customer is god for us, we uphold a good service attitude and service philosophy, to provide customers with extremely advantageous products”.


                                                   Middle East customers visit the factory

In the 1950s, China's first oilfield workover rig was successfully developed. In the field of petroleum workover rig, ts-sinotai filled many technological gaps and fully occupied a place in the international market.herish guo said: "our motivation comes from the pursuit of quality, lies in the continuous pursuit of innovation and disdain, dongtai people are to continue to pursue excellence. 


                                                            Foreign colleagues check the equipment

Current east is towards internationalization, its flagship product in the international market are exported to the Middle East, India, Egypt and other countries, foreign colleagues test equipment, products from Egypt to India's foreign colleagues went to the construction site to solve the problem actively, this confirms herish's point of view: "no matter what kind of cultural differences in different countries, we are convinced that strives for perfection, the pursuit of excellence is everyone to follow the rules."